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Best pre & Post Matrimonial Investigations


We provides the top services in Divorce Case in India.


We provides its unique background verification services
to help you to lead a peaceful married life.

Welcome To Detective Agency in Delhi - Best Private, Corporate & Matrimonial Investigations in India

Welcome to 7snoopers Detective Agency (An ISO 2008-9001 Certified Company); is a private detective agency in Delhi, Corporate detective Agency in Delhi & Matrimonial Detective Agencies in Delhi run by India's largest private investigation group company named Frescon. We have expertise to handle in Personal & Matrimonial Investigations with PAN India Presence. We have solved unlimited cases related to Background check, Pre Marriage Investigation, Post Marriage Investigation, Collection of Evidences related to Divorce cases running in the court, Surveillance, Spouse Cheating, Extra Marital Affairs and Loyalty Test etc.

We are here to assist individuals who are suffering from humiliation and fake cases which are submitted by their spouses in the court of law; it is assumed that law is implemented to protect women but it is observed that there are few women's who misuse the law to harasses their husbands and his family by using IPC 498, 125 as weapon. People came to us with their problem and we provide best services to our respected clients with minimum charges to get rid out of trouble by providing evidences against the fake cases running in the court against them.

7snoopers Detective Agency is a team of seven well experienced Investigation officers from different backgrounds; who has sufficient experience to handle the situations. Other then this we have a large team of expertise for handling matrimonial detective services in Delhi, India, Mumbai, Kolkata, Pune, Nasik, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Punjab, Chandigarh, Himachal Pradesh, Jaipur, Grugaon, Haryana.

7snoopers Detective Agency are also known for their counseling sessions for those whose marriages are in trouble.

Why 7snoopers Detective Agency in Delhi - India ?

  • 24x7 Assistance
  • ISO 9001-2008 Quality Management Certified
  • Registered Company with Ministry of Corporate Affairs Government of India
  • In house productivity
Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide and supply our clients with superior investigative Services. we accept cases from all States in India. Our major percentage of business comes from Metro Cities in India. The task of the "Private Detectives Delhi" is to offer robust & Predictable network of detectiveness throughout PAN India. Our private detectives services are professionally professional, excellent vigilant & specialized inventive investigation, in offering at Company as well as Non- Company (individual) stages in throughout India & abroad. We take pride in our ability to provide the highest quality Services at the most competitive prices.

Our Aim

Our aim at client satisfaction as we are highly professional when it comes to work. We have highly skilled private detectives & investigators which bring out the best result in all the cases we get. We use the latest technology spy gadgets during investigation. Our team keeps all the information confidential so that it does not leak out to a stranger.

Our Networks

Private Detectives Delhi all India network anchored by 30 branches has its Head Office at New Delhi & Delhi is Best Detective Agency in India. Private Detectives Delhi is currently serving services in big cities which are Delhi, Delhi NCR, Pune, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Lucknow, Agra, Kanpur etc. Private Detective Delhi is not constrained only in India, there are several international alliances associated with this group

Personal & Corporate Detective Services in Delhi, India

Pre Matrimonial Detective

7snoopers Detective Agency is a professional matrimonial detective specialist who can help with all matrimonial problems. Read more...

Post Matrimonial Detective

A marriage or long term relationship can have its ups and downs and sometimes these can be just part of living with one person for many years... Read more

Divorce Case Investigation

7snnopers In cases of divorce, you need to help our relationship outside of marriage, and the details of the daily routine of work and... Read more

Loyalty Test Investigations

7snoopers Detective Agency is one of the Best Detective Agency and we guarantee for our services relating to relationships... Read more

Surveillance Detectives

Our surveillance investigators are qualified experts, all being India law enforcement trained in the use of mobile, static and... Read more

Undercover Operation

We have a special team for undercover operation. Our detective team has performed many undercover operations and today we are ...Read more

Sting Operation

We have the best experience in this field when it comes to carrying out sting operations. Since our company was started, we have ... Read more

Female Investigator

At 7snoopers Detective Agency our team of highly skilled Female Investigators ensure matters remain confidential and are... Read more

Extramarital Affairs

Our professional and trained private investigators can find out whether your spouse is having any love affair or extramarital affair... Read more

Adultery Investigation

Investigating a spouse for the suspicious act of adultery or infidelity is a delicate matter. It is not just a simple but even a hard decision. Read more

Process Serving

We serve all kinds of legal documents on behalf of clients in all major cities of India in a timely and efficient manner. Our experienced... Read more

Background Check

Whether to assist you in making the correct hiring decision or for the simple need to know something about someone who has... Read more

How Do We Operate?

Our experienced and fully trained staff are true professionals who through discreet enquiry, keen observation and careful, accurate examination obtain information legitimately requested for the use and benefit of our clients throughout the India, Middle East, South East Asia and indeed the World.

Where Does 7snoopers Group operate?

Locally, Nationally And Internationally. Our comprehensive team of 7snoopers investigators together with our many worldwide associates enables us to carry out assignments anywhere and on any scale.

How soon can we act?

We offer a full service readily available at short notice - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Contact is simple - by phone, letter, fax or email. All meetings and discussions are confidential.

Who uses our Services?

We provide a flexible and comprehensive investigative service for the legal profession, commerce, industry and the general public in all areas of civil, criminal and personal matters.

Thanks for visiting Private Detectives Delhi!

Where you can approach us 24x7 at our number: +919871112948


Top 20 Reasons for Hiring Private Detectives

Many of us want to think the best of people and not view the world as a place that's full of dishonesty, fraud and corruption. Unfortunately, there are situations that call for expert advice and assistance when individuals and companies are concerned about such threats. Infidelity, investment scams, false resumes, romance scams, corporate espionage, fake companies, identity theft and thousands of other threats do exist, and clients rely on Private Detective Agencies to minimize the risk and gather clear evidence. In today's world, it's definitely better to be safe than sorry, and get the facts.

A business, like a person, has a past and a culture and interacts with many people day by day. However what you see may not truly mirror what the business is all about. Private Detectives can research and investigate and deliver evidence that you're doing business with a reputable entity.
You're probably finding for tips on how to achieve/win custody of your child. To achieve/win a child custody case, you must uncover facts that are compelling – and admissible — in court. Private Detectives can serve as a witness in a case and prove facts that are tough to prove on your own. Even a potentially difficult case can turn into a simple one at trial with the right facts and evidence.
If you're thinking about investing overseas, you will face an increased risk for fraud. Professional Detectives verify the company or individual with real due diligence, to verify the operations, registration, legal status, reputation, profitability, criminal and court records and more.
Identity theft occurs when a person's personal information is stolen and the criminal then commits fraud or identity theft under that person. Unfortunately, detectives say that identity theft is getting worse - millions of dollars are lost each year as a result of identity theft - and hundreds of dollars and countless hours are spent trying to repair credit of victims. Private detectives can help determine who stole your identity and can create a report for you to take to law enforcement. More importantly, expert Detectives can advise how not to be a victim.
Whether you met your Mr. or Ms. Perfect online or offline, these days it pays to be cautious. How do you know the individual you met over the internet, or at a bar, are truly who he or she claims to be? You don't. Clients rely on private investigation companies to conduct a comprehensive dating background check that verifies education, address, employment, criminal and court records, ID or passport, date of birth and more. Detectives also screen the case for fraud and identify risks.
If you are hiring internationally or even locally, false CV and backgrounds do occur and put your company at risk. Companies who are serious about protecting themselves and hiring only the best take these verifications seriously. Checking criminal records alone is not a prudent verification method, and certainly not an investigation. Professional private detectives check job candidates in detail and determine whether the individual is competent and qualified before committing.
A private Detective knows the ways to win your personal injury lawsuit. He or she can find key witnesses and other information essential to win the case. A skilled professional can find photographs of the crash when the crash report is incomplete. Make sure to obtain the police transcription of the 100 calls too – sometimes he or she is the only witness.
Private Detectives can identify welfare fraud, such as under-reported income or abuse of other government assistance problems like WIC. It's a P.I.'s job to identify all sources of income — he or she can identify all occupants of a home to ensure that the reported income is accurate. With more Americans than ever on government handouts, these types of cases are sometimes needed.
Divorces and legal cases are so common today, they are almost hard to avoid. But, there are other reasons when an asset might be important as well, such as part of a merger or international due diligence to verify a buyer or potential partner. Lawyers and individuals and companies use Private Detectives to find assets overseas, both bank accounts and physical property.
If you suspect your spouse is cheating or hiding important information or assets from you, may want to hire a private Detective. There are ways to tell if your spouse is hiding assets and a reputable private Detective can access records such as bank accounts you don't know about or follow a spouse who has become distant to see if he or she is cheating. Before you hire someone, remember that a private Detective can help your attorney uncover evidence, if and when needed.
Not knowing if your spouse is having an affair is a painful and devastating thing. Private Detectives help with these unfortunate situations every day. A P.I. can discreetly find out facts and information and uncover the truth so you know whether or not your spouse is guilty of infidelity. There is no evidence like photograph and video evidence from surveillance footage on your partner.
Insurance fraud happens when an act is committed with the intent to obtain a benefit in which a person is not otherwise entitled. False insurance claims are filed with the intent to defraud an insurance provider and they cost billions of dollars each year. Insurance fraud claims range from stretching the truth to committing intentional damages or injury. Private Detectives can help identify the truth. We photograph those suffering from leg injuries playing basketball, and so on. In some cases, Detectives may even photograph a living person, who is supposed to be deceased!
Each year around 1.5 million people are stalked in the U.S. It's a problem in this country. For people who believe they are a victim, it's time to take action before the situation spirals out of control. These crimes are often ignored and become a losing battle – but Private Detectives can help stop the threat and get stalkers prosecuted. In these cases, it's important to also work with law enforcement.
You may wonder, should your company use background check investigations? The answer is yes — it can help prevent future problems. All too often, businesses find themselves in a situation where assets are missing, books weren't kept accurately or bribes have been taken. P.I.s can determine if assets were fictitious, improper payments were made or whether there were other misrepresentations. Private Detectives can also track down the guilty party through background checks, and asset searches uncover the money trail.
Due to law enforcement agencies with limited resources, and higher rates of global crime, especially pertaining to the internet, it is common when police and law enforcement fail to investigate your case. In international cases, law enforcement and governments face jurisdictional problems, and receive hundreds or thousands of similar complaints. So, to get the help you need when no help is to be found, a reputable international investigation company is a great choice to work with your attorney.
Online dating is a booming industry, but with it has come exponential cases of fraud and scams. Posting profiles and photos is simply and fast, and anyone can do it – even criminals hoping to scam you. Victims of romance scams lose more than money. Victims are often devastated financially and emotionally. Comprehensive background checks by real Detectives are the best prevention to avoid dating scams. The truth is, anyone can be a victim and no dating site is 100% immune from romance scams. Private Detectives verify the truth behind the profile.
Let's say your case is fairly simple, and you have a copy of a passport, ID or documents that you need to verify the authenticity of. Despite your efforts, there is no way for your to verify if the document is real, and it may not even be in a language you can read. Luckily, international Detectives verify passports, identifications and documents from around the world on a daily basis.
Marriage is a big deal, especially if it involves a foreign bride or groom. Don't start the visa process without knowing the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth! An expert investigator can verify everything you know or think you know about an individual, before the wedding.
Investment scams these days, unfortunately, are a dime a dozen. Fraudulent websites, false companies and endless possibilities now target individuals and companies. High risk fraud zones are in countries like China and the United Arab Emirates, etc, but the threat is now global thanks to the internet. It's more important than ever to properly verify with international due diligence.
For companies hiring overseas, Private Detectives who specialize in international cases can help a company or client develop a customized strategy to properly verify candidates. This goes beyond your standard international background checks, and can be a great solution for companies and individuals who need to know what they should verify, based on their unique situation and risk.A professional private Detective offers many reliable services to help in many situations – from criminal cases to infidelity to background checks. Just make sure you do your homework and deal with a company you can trust, with highly trained Detectives on the ground where you need them. Services offered and qualities of services vary dramatically from one company to the next.

About Our Company

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No Need To Worry For Getting Services From Private Detective Agencies You Have Already Landed At Best Agency To Throw All Your Headaches, We'll Take All Your Pain From Your Brain. Top & Best Services @ Affordable Price.

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